Wholesale and retail trading marketplace

A system for product and service display, supplier display for different categories (geographic location, brand, origin…), 2TCommerce supports transactions in the following forms: wholesale, retail, lease, pre-order, order, request, quote, negotiate…

The system provides Performance Search and Advanced Fillter features to help customers find products of interest in the warehouse of millions products and services within a second.

Main modules:

  • Ecommerce platform
  • Performance Search and Advanced Fillter
  • Shopping, Wishlist
  • Order and Buy now, Order lookup, Request
  • Review and Rating, Comment and Shop subscription
  • Supplier profile
  • Supplier portal to buy and choose Subscription packages
  • Sign-up, log-in and notification
  • Keyword Highlights: Tag and SEO

Ecommerce platform

  • Display of product listing according to the category configured in Back Office
  • Custom display of Category categories
  • Custom display of products, brands, suppliers
  • Search and filter of products by category, schedule, or region
  • Display of best-selling products by shopping cart analysis system (Data Mining)
  • Display of most-viewed products (Machine Learning)
  • Display of daily hot deals (Marketing Campaign)
  • Display of leading suppliers
  • Display of leading brands
  • Display of notifications, favorite products and product numbers in the cart
  • Order lookup
  • Display of transaction guidance information

Performance Search and Advanced Fillter

  • Product search in stock of millions of products in less than 1 second.
  • Search engines allowing search products suggestion, search history, keyword search
  • Search by full text search – FTS
  • Search by product category
  • Search by geographic location
  • Search by provider
  • Search by progress
  • Result sorting by price, by brand, by supplier, or origin
  • Search by product for sale, product for rent, or service
  • Search by customer review

Shopping Cart, Wishlist

  • Adding products to cart
  • Adjusting the shopping cart
  • Adding favorite products
  • Moving products from wishlist to shopping cart and vice versa
  • Suggesting related products, best selling products … according to the cart’s products

Order, Purchase, and Request

  • Instant order
  • Request for quotation, advice and sample
  • Negotiation
  • Choosing payment methods
  • Selecting shipping method
  • Pre-order
  • Order Lookup
  • Sales (wholesale, retail)

Review and Rating, Comment and Subscribe

  • Review and comment on products
  • Review and comment about suppliers
  • Subscription to supplier’s online shop

Supplier’s profile

  • Display supplier’s profile: general information, certificates, factories, staffs
  • Reputation rate according to the buyer’s evaluation
  • Promotional products
  • Upsell products (can be configured by suppliers)
  • Full text search for sproducts within the store

Account, registration and subscription

  • Account registration
  • Login and password reset
  • Profile management
  • Supplier portal for sales and selection of subscription packages
  • Display of notification from the platform, from transactions
  • SEO Tag configuration
  • Upsell sales configuration function (Back Office)
  • Display of selling keywords and SEO Tags for store’s products