Wholesale and retail trading marketplace

A system for product and service display, supplier display for different categories (geographic location, brand, origin…), 2TCommerce supports transactions in the following forms: wholesale, retail, lease, pre-order, order, request, quote, negotiate… The system provides Performance Search and Advanced Fillter features to help customers find products of interest in the warehouse of millions products and services […]

Store management

The workspace provides features that allow sellers and buyers to manage their transaction information, personal information and supplier profile. Besides product management, requirements, orders, delivery, shipping, payment, warehousing, statistics and other related jobs throughout the sales process, the system also allows suppliers to quickly carry out promotion, discount campaigns alongside platform’s campaign or the store’s […]

Back Office management system

BackOffice system allows administrators (Admin) to manage and configure the information of the trading platform according to their business needs: Managing and assign user groups, users Assigning roles and actions Managing Product Catalog and Supplier Catalog Managing Master Data (system catalogs) Managing platform interface, and display strategies Managing subscription packages Audit log: access history, change […]

Customer Support Center

Customer Support Center manages and supports platform users with the following features: Operation regulations Privacy policy Trading process guideline Contact information Grievance redressal policy Return policy FAQs

Multi-channel sales system

Multi-channel sales system integrating selling channels: Facebook, Zalo, as well as international channels: Amazon and Walmart, will help businesses improve sales and stay focused on product management on a single platform. Single-point store management Upload products, services entered in the 2TCommerce management system to other channels automatically or quickly by sharing and copying links. The […]

Marketing strategy management

The system supports suppliers to deploy various types of digital marketing strategies: discounts, promotions, email marketing, as well as social networks branding: Facebook and Youtube.   Promotion Suppliers can configure different promotion campaigns: Manage promotion lists Create a variety of promotions such as coupons, discount codes, group purchases, bonuses, direct discounts …. Create separate promotion […]

AI Recommendation system

AI & Machine Learning system records and analyzes user behavior, thus creating different sales techniques. Some forecast and recommendation techniques built into the system include:   Introducing new products Promotions, discounts, gift certificates Calculations to rearrange store’s product catalog Optimal suggestions for product bundling Advanced forecasting model on demand Sales event and discount strategy planning […]

BI system for business analysis

BI Dashboard business analysis system is built separately and customized to business data domain. These data are designed and synthesized with Data Mart model: different data dimensions allowing users to drag and drop, and build their own reports. Users: Buyers (public reports) Suppliers Producers Market research agents BI Dashboards: Public reports Business reports for sellers […]

Construction materials

Construction material platform system connects buyers and suppliers of construction equipment materials. Buyers can search for potential suppliers for their projects and suppliers will expand their sales channels and acquire potential customers. Buyers on the platform are investors, contractors of civil construction Suppliers on the platform are manufacturers, providing products and services related to the […]

Agricultural product trading

Buying clean and “healthy” food, without pesticide residues is the main concern of many individuals, families, businesses and the society. A few clean agricultural solutions are available, but ensuring product origin is still a big question for consumers, especially when intermediaries reduce product value and quality. Besides, finding outputs for agricultural products is still heavily […]