The system handles thousands transactions simultaneously, and manages millions products with optimal infrastructure


Customizable deployment model on Linux, Windows allows for stable system with optimal resource utilization.


Microservices architecture allows for scalability and increased responsiveness to problems that require large volumes of transactions

Choose 2TCommerce to launch your online marketplace

2TCommerce is designed to serve unique business and trading processes

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Ready for B2B, B2C and Social Commerce Operation

The system is built according to the most modern and comprehensive Ecommerce 4.0 standards, allowing partners to exploit and master the digital marketplace right after business adaptation process.

Modern technology platform and architecture

Optimal modern technology platform and architecture, capable of handling multiple transactions simultaneously, supporting cross-platform running (Linux and Windows), thus allows for quick expansion and optimization of your system.

Product that serves various businesses

Dynamic and open system, suitable for a wide range of industries as well as various business models such as wholesale, retail, bidding, negotiation, pre-order and futures contracts ...

Leading technical experts

Our team of experts has many years of experience in building product and outsourcing softwares for e-commerce systems in US and UK markets, assuring businesses to focus on their business development.

E-commerce trading platform for multiple industries

Using 2TCommerce platform to customize your own ecommerce platform and revolutionize enterprise’s business model

Main modules of 2TCommerce

2TCommerce platform serves various businesses, types of products and services, suitable for businesses that want to master online business channels. 2TCommerce possesses most advanced features for businesses to deploy the e-commerce system effectively.

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Market Place module

A space for exibition, purchase and lease of products /services of all kinds, attracting potential customers and promoting trade.

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Work Space module

A space to manage products/services, requirements, orders, deliveries, warehouses, marketing strategies, payment and shipping, as well as business report dashboards for each suppliers.

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Back Office module

A space for quick system administration, eassy user role assignment, configuration of product display and advertising... in accordance with real-time marketing strategy.

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Customer Support Center

Support Center for system building and support information lookup to boost business efficiency.

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Multi-channel sales system

Integrating selling channels: Facebook, Zalo, as well as international channels: Amazon and Walmart will help businesses improve sales and stay focused on product management on a single platform.

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Marketing strategy management

The system supports suppliers to deploy various types of digital marketing strategies: discounts, promotions, email marketing, as well as social networks branding: Facebook and Youtube.

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AI Recommendation system

AI & Machine Learning system records and analyzes user behavior and shopping cart status, and uses predictive algorithms to gain suppliers access to a reliable data source to be proactive in business development and planning.

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BI data analysis system

The BI system analyzes business items and timing, allowing administrators and suppliers to access business analysis and reports for each industry and product.

System Responsiveness


• Serving more than 100 million Records running on Server 36 Core (c5.9xlarge)

• Serving more than 68,400 requests in 5 minutes of queries running on Server 36 Core (c5.9xlarge)

• Product Catalog management system enbales building and managing 100 million records with multi-level trees.

• Each product can serve 10000 attached variants

• Eslaticsearch, Solr, Redis technologies allow for instant-response data query

• • Microservices architecture allows for multiple transactions without system bottlenecks

Your business will take the lead and master the digital business market

The platform is designed to serve various digital business models, helping businesses transform and create their business models quickly.

best ecommerce software

Import and export goods
Construction materials
Industrial products
Real estate
Financial lease
Matching service - Uber/Grab


Direct sales
Affiliate sales
Quotation and bidding
Future contract


B2B wholesale trade
B2C retail trade
Social Ecommerce Business
Furture Market trade and auction