Construction materials

Construction material platform system connects buyers and suppliers of construction equipment materials. Buyers can search for potential suppliers for their projects and suppliers will expand their sales channels and acquire potential customers.

Buyers on the platform are investors, contractors of civil construction

Suppliers on the platform are manufacturers, providing products and services related to the construction industry (consulting services, design, supervision, construction materials, finishing, labor and other equipment for construction industry)

The platform is a space to connects suppliers and civil customers with exciting, multi-dimensional interactions – which set it asides from other e-commerce sites.

Customers and modules of the system
The platform is structured from 3 major modules:

Market site: Main system, allowing buyers to choose products
Workspace: Information management page for buyers or suppliers to manage sold goods or orders. The management page supports communication channels between buyers and suppliers or between buyers / suppliers with employees of Abiding.
Backoffice: The page for administrators to configure the functions of the platform.

5 main customers are:

Buyer: who subscribes to purchase
Supplier: who subscribes to sell. A supplier may form from a primary user and secondary users – staffs to perform sales operation on site.
Sales staff: who performs sales support for management of Abiding
Sales manager: who is are responsible for managing salespeople from Abiding
Administrator: who is responsible for administration and configuration of the Backoffice system from Abiding.
In addition, Abiding has a default supplier “Abiding”, who has all products and profiles to support other vendors to flexibly copy and configure supplier profiles and products.


Account registration Account creation
Buyer registration
Supplier registration
Staff registration
Account management Buyer account
Admin account
Sales support account
Sales manager account
Profile Supplier
Supplier profile
User management User directory
User information update
Supplier directory
Buyer directory
Supplier group management
Subscription management
Upgrade to supplier account
Product list/ gallery
Product detail
Create new product (single products, product with variants, product for sales, product for rent, service)
Copy product
Delete product
Price management (wholesales pricing)
Warehouse management
Supply management
Product group management
Batch import
Sample supplier profile management
Sample product management
Add product
Copy product
Request for quotation – RFQ Create general RFQ
Create direct RFQ (exact product, supplier)
RFQ list
Handle RFQ (Approve, forward, close, cancel)
Order Create order
Create order from RFQ
Order list
Danh sách đơn hàng
Order detail
Print order
Cancel order
Create delivery note
Update delivery information
Create payment receipt
Update payment information
Create product recall form
Update product recall form
Order lookup
Delivery Configure delivery methods
Configuration of payment method
Payment Configuration of shipping method
Quotation Quotation list
Create quotation
Send quotation
Copy quotation
Quotation auction
Supplier profile Supplier profile management
Staff management
Subscription management
Upgrade subscription
Sales profit
Marketing and Promotion Promotion list
Create promotion campaign
Platform sales channel
Supplier sales channel
Email template management
Email configuration
Notification Configuration of notifications
Notification list
Complaint Complaint list
Create complaint
Send complaint to platform
Directory Supplier
Block list
Supplier group directory
Address book Address book list
Add address
Connect Social network
Other general configuration Chat
Photo gallery
Receipt information
Chat Direct chat
Online chat
Review & rating Supplier review
Product review
Secured transaction
Task Task list
Admin Configuration System permission configuration
Product and supplier category management
Market Place version management
Batch job management
Master data management
Subscription management
User activity history
Support group directory
System configuration
Homepage content Slider
Categories +Mega menu
Top suppliers
Recommendation: Best-seller products
Recommendation: Most-viewed products
Recommendation: Daily hot deal
Verified RFQ
Other blocks (Configured in BO)
Campaign for brands
Footer: SEO; Address; Copyrights…
Download application
Register for discounts
Product search Search products by name, brand, tag, …
Search by provider
Search by suggestion on the menu
Search by progress
Search by region
Supplier profile Home
Product list
Search for products
Share to social networks
Product list Products for sales
Products for rent
Add to cart
Add to wishlist
Follow (Supplier tab)


Search result Products for sales
Products for rent
Add to cart
Add to wish list
Follow (Supplier tab)
Product details (for sales) Add to cart, update quantity
Send RFQ
Wholesales (Product)
View product information
Share to social networks
View supplier profile
Buyer’s guideline
Supplies estimation
Product detail (for rent) Add to cart, update quantity and rent duration
Send RFQ
View info product
Share to social network
View store
Review and ranking
Buyer’s guideline
Supplies estimation
Product detail (Service)
Supplier list
Wishlist Wishlist
Add product from wishlist to cart
Shopping cart Products in cart (photo, supplier, product name, price, quantity, total price)
(Including: Instant buy, Reserve, Retail, Wholesales, single products, products with variants) Save later
Add note
Continue shopping
Quantity in cart
Total price
Attach files
Send RFQ
Start order
Mini cart Product information (Thumbnail, name, unit price, quantity, temporary price)
Go to shopping cart
Continue shopping
Checkout Step 1: Order Product information
Single product order
Default product
Address book
Add new address
Start order
Step 2: Payment Delivery methods
Payment methods
Submit discount code
Confirm order
User Menu Link sang Workspace
Follow Follow supplier
Recommendation + Upsell Homepage
Product detail
Email Subscription Subscribe by email to receive general information
Subscription portal
Verified RFQ Submit RFQ for verification
Confirm general RFQ: adding information to display
Display general RFQs for auction
Product price list Enable searching for prices by region
User Behavior Feed
Search and click
View product information
Shopping cart
Up-selling Products with higher price or featured products
Featured products
New products
Seasonal offers
Best-seller products
Daily offers
Similar products
Product viewed together
Customer review
Products requently bought together
Upgrade offer
Free shipping
Personalized offer
Time-limited discount
Cart Abandonment
Payment Offer
Cross-selling Supplimentary products
Products requently bought together
Promote items for (almost free)
Special offer in email
Bundle packages Up-selling bundle packages
Down-selling bundle packages
Cross-supplier bundle packages
Group buy
User History Managerment
User activity lookup
User input lookup
User information update and interaction history lookup
Change lookup by time (date, hour)
Lookup and resolve complaints
Data Analysis & Machine Learning
Usage analysis
General supplier analysis: selling quantity, buying quantity, most viewed products, best-selling products…
Top keyword analysis
Keyword advertising
Business data analysis (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
Paid database: Potential customer dataset by industries and time
Paid database: Potential customer dataset by email
Paid database: Potential up-selling customer dataset
Paid database: Other potential customer dataset
SEO Management
Product SEO
Supplier SEO
Site Links
Content Taging
Meta tag customization
Title tag customization and rules
Intelligent categorization structure
Customizable URL structure
Business Rule
Pre-order product and service Module
Subscription Module
Order consolidation Module