BI system for business analysis

BI Dashboard business analysis system is built separately and customized to business data domain. These data are designed and synthesized with Data Mart model: different data dimensions allowing users to drag and drop, and build their own reports.


  • Buyers (public reports)
  • Suppliers
  • Producers
  • Market research agents

BI Dashboards:

  • Public reports
  • Business reports for sellers (paid)
  • Business reports for suppliers and market research agents (paid)
  • Business Analysis and Forecast reports by AI and Machine Learning
  • BI Reports on demand

Data dimensions:

  • Time
  • Place
  • Commodities
  • Industries
  • Suppliers
  • Origins
  • Total sales
  • Total value
  • Total order
  • Favorite products
  • Popular products
  • Demand for new products
  • Product’s growth
  • Analysis of market trends
  • System report