Back Office management system

BackOffice system allows administrators (Admin) to manage and configure the information of the trading platform according to their business needs:

  • Managing and assign user groups, users
  • Assigning roles and actions
  • Managing Product Catalog and Supplier Catalog
  • Managing Master Data (system catalogs)
  • Managing platform interface, and display strategies
  • Managing subscription packages
  • Audit log: access history, change tracking of the system
  • Managing Metadata system
  • Managing marketing strategies
  • Managing SEO and Adwords

User group and user management

Managing information of internal and external users:

  • Managing groups
  • Managing system functions
  • Assigning access to different function groups
  • Managing user account
  • Updating account information
  • Approving account information
  • Password reset

Management of role and action assignment

  • Creating and configuring pages and menus
  • Managing menu order
  • Creating function groups
  • Assigning access and function handling to the function groups

Master Data management & System configuration

  • Managing general information of the entire system
  • Managing the list of products and services
  • Managing supplier catalog
  • Managing status list
  • Selecting currency unit
  • Selecting unit
  • Selecting language
  • Managing subscription packages
  • Other categories on request

Interface Management

  • Configuring the homepage display Trading floor
  • Version management display
  • Configure advertising banner
  • Hot keyword configuration
  • Configure display strategy: select the product group or service displayed on the home screen
  • Configure SEO
  • Other configurations: general path, notification of the system …
  • System configuration Metadata management

Job scheduling

  • Configuring system programs and respective processing times:
  • Auto-sending emails
  • Forwarding request for quotations
  • Reminder to process quotation requests
  • Auto-sending notifications

Business rule management

  • Managing business rules depending on the platform’s policy
  • Managing marketing and promotion programs

Audit log of access history and information modification

  • Lookup of revision history for every data record
  • Statistical report of usage history
  • Tracking report of system stability for administrators
  • Basic report of server information and system performance

Marketing strategy management

  • Marketing strategies are configured for each stage
  • Pre-scheduled marketing setting allows administrators and partners to register and create their own campaigns.

SEO and Adwords management– A selection of advanced SEO techniques are used to allow suppliers to configure advertising campaigns for each of their products, else the platform will automatically configure techniques to support customers’ products and services marketing campaigns to gain top-ranking order in search engines:

  • Title tag customization and rules
  • Static, keyword-rich URLs
  • Meta tag customization
  • Enabling custom HTML tags
  • Internal anchor text flexibility
  • Intelligent categorization structure
  • Pagination controls
  • Structured data (Rich Snippets /
  • 301-redirect functionality
  • Image-handling and alt attributes
  • URLs free of tracking parameters and session IDs
  • Customizable URL structure
  • Canonical URLs
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Meta NoIndex tags for low-value pages
  • Edit Robots.txt file
  • XML Sitemap generator