Agricultural product trading


Buying clean and “healthy” food, without pesticide residues is the main concern of many individuals, families, businesses and the society.

A few clean agricultural solutions are available, but ensuring product origin is still a big question for consumers, especially when intermediaries reduce product value and quality. Besides, finding outputs for agricultural products is still heavily passive.


Understanding the problem, Abiding Technology Solution offers a comprehensive solution:

  • Manage and monitor product life cycle from production sources to purchasing and processing establishments: quarantine, feeding, growth process, origin;
  • Manage agricultural products from purchasing stations, auctioning from customers, connecting value chains;
  • Combine small farms into large farms, creating big orders to optimize profits;
  • Manage and distribute farming bioproducts through e-commerce system;
  • Offer output for all agricultural products: clean agricultural products, biological products; substitute products for agriculture;
  • Build an auction system, quotation, offering prices for agricultural products;
  • Minimize intermediaries to lower product costs, and ensure true value;
  • Manage data from entire process and collect from mobile devices for real-time behavior analysis and market feedback.

Benefits of VOG Agri Tech’s comprehensive technology solution

  • Monitor the entire process of agricultural production (vegetables, crops, fruit, supporting industrial plants, aquaculture, etc.) and supply chain;
  • Make transparent of all stages from production, transportation to consumption. All data is collected, stored and publicized to consumers. Only standard products can be delivered to consumers;
  • Ensure product traceability;
  • Sell and distribute directly with online reporting;
  • Reduce production costs for human resource, as the whole process is automated Reduce distribution costs and product costs;
  • Enhance quality control by internal control system;
  • Manage resources and monitor farming quality;
  • Develop and revolutionize business.


Comprehensive e-commerce-centered agriculture solution



ECommerce Market Place agricultural product export – import

  • Product RFQs, inquiries, and orders;
  • Product for sales Module: livestock, agricultural products (future contracts)… and contract delivery under AgriHub’s commitment;
  • Wholesales and retails dependent on quantity;
  • Subsidiary product module: low prices, fast delivery (for farming households, farming cooperatives);
  • Ecommerce platform connects small farms into a network of big suppliers, combined with networks of big buyers and consolidating orders, merges networks of friends and partners through the social network function;
  • Seller/manufacturer module: Register pre-sale products, receive investment
  • Buyer/ Investor module: Trade and invest future products since project initiation.
  • Development of marketing plans, advertising campaigns according to seasons, regions and specialties;
  • Agricultural services such as pre-orders, cargo holdings; with stakeholders including: carriers, harvesters, packers, warehouse suppliers, agricultural machinery;
  • Product warranty and insurance services;
  • Financial services for farmers and borrowers;
  • Guarantee transactions via Agrihub;
  • Direct transactions between buyers-sellers, minimizing intermediaries, optimizing cost, production and warehousing.